Work better, smarter, faster.

Take a new approach to existing tasks, processes, products or services. Small ideas can have a big impact on efficiency and your bottom line.


Just a few of our Everyday Innovators:

In today’s rapidly changing world organisations need to be more change-able for tomorrow. Our capacity for big change is inhibited by the processes and mindsets of today. Only by innovating on these processes and mindsets can we ever realistically derive the bigger change impacts (or innovations) we would all love to deliver.

With our Improve Launchpad, you can create an idea flow for improvements and feedback to optimise existing initiatives, enhance current products and services and identify areas for time and cost savings.

How can your business operate better, faster or smarter?


Process Improvement & Change Management

Everything can be improved or made more efficient, and change is inevitable. Drive your business forward by leveraging the knowledge and insight of the people inside and outside your organisation today. Read more

    Product & Services Feedback

    To meet the changing needs of your prospects and customers, your Products & Services must evolve. Identify and prioritise the most beneficial enhancements, improvements and extensions to your existing product and services portfolio. Read more


    Supply Chain Optimisation

    Create a more collaborative and efficient supply chain by breaking down the silos and encouraging your entire ecosystem to work together to bring value. Read more

    Customer Experience

    Customers demand personalised experiences that meet their specific needs and wants, making it imperative that organisations maintain a constant two-way dialogue to ensure these demands are met. Read more


    Employee Experience

    Employees want their voices heard and an opportunity to make a difference in their day-to-day work experience, in the lives of their customers and in the world at large. Give them the opportunity with Idea Spotlight. Read more

    Find out how Waitrose deployed a company wide scheme to come up with shop floor improvement ideas, saving the business over £3.5M.