Inspire innovation through competition.


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With our Compete Launchpad, you can establish a winner in a defined competition and allocate resources - time, money to bring that proposal to life.

From running a Hackathon to an open innovation challenge, inspire competition by:


Run Competitions

Internal or External - Competitions are a great way to engaged networks. Whether it's an annual competition to improve the customer experience, a hackathon to pull resources and solve a specific problem - Idea Spotlight give you flexibility to streamline an simplify the administrative side of running competitions. Read more

Allocate Resources

Funding employee projects, evaluating new startups to join an accelerator or innovation hub or allocating time to customer improvement initiatives. All of these require companies to have a transparent and consistent way to evaluate the opportunities and allocate time, money, etc., to power them. Learn how Idea Spotlight helps. Read more


Sponsor Grand Challenges

Open innovation challenges put no limits on participation, so you can drive the right solutions. Engage a general public audience or subsets of the public, so you can tap into unique skill sets and broader involvement for the problems that require new perspectives. Read more

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