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Gamify Yourself Out of Creative Blockage

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Unstuck started as an iPad app, designed to help the decision process, as even the most creative people can get, well,  stuck. A new version of it recently came out, just in time for Christmas – instead of an app, you can now use a deck of cards, following roughly the same process for awakening creativity.

Gabriella Garcia at Cool Hunting tried the game and explains how it works:

Using a three-step method, the deck initiates a personal dialogue similar to the app, offering a quick, action-oriented response for immediate action. The deck uses familiar feelings—such as “I need better ideas” or “I can’t seem to keep focus”—to define a “stuck moment” and prompt diagnosis. Each stuck moment then leads you to three possible solution cards with a piece of advice and a direct exercise, allowing you to choose, meditate and act on the idea that seems most relevant to the situation. “While the app takes you down a deliberate path, you can look at all the tips in the card decks if you want, not just the ones related to your stuck moment,” Hawley explains, “You can’t have too much wisdom.” Concluding with a reflective follow-up question, the cards effectively annihilate life’s most common dilemmas.

The interesting thing about this game is not only that it’s a useful tool for stimulating creativity but also that some of the changes introduced were made based on customer’s feedback. As simply translating the app into a deck of cards would end up creating a whopping 75 card deck, by listening to customer’s feedback on what the most common situations in which people got stuck helped them create a more manageable and user friendly product.

Unstuck managed to create an engaged community of users, that not only participate on their community but also share ideas and suggestions on their Facebook page, helping each other out with their own creativity dilemmas. Now, imagine what they could do with an idea management tool…