Gamification in innovation

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High-powered rewards are no better than low-powered incentives at producing radical innovation according to a recent study. Did you know that?


Big rewards, in fact, seem to produce an overload of satisfactory ideas that most of the time end up being stuck in the pipeline pending approval and, considering that innovation is about concretising a small amount of good ideas, this is not the outcome you really need. People, moreover, appreciate being acknowledged for what they have done, especially if that means increasing their status among their peers. Employees also appreciate being rewarded for their achievements.

Have you ever heard of gamification?

Gamification is the implementation of game mechanisms to non-game activities to prompt specific behaviors. Applied within an organisation, this means turning a series of tasks into some sort of competition with payoff for the individual.

There are a lot of ways to implement a gamification system within your organisation. Each one varies according to your specific needs.

An idea management platform can help you implement a gamification system in a  way that allows everyone to transparently contribute to an idea, adding comments or reviews. Each contribution can be seen by everyone and can be rewarded in some way, so that the best contributors have an incentive to keep doing what they are doing, as well as inspiring other employees. This is not only a way to engage your employees, but it also allows you to diminish status and foster collaboration whilst harnessing the creativity spread inside your company.

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