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Last week, we posted a link to an article by Innovation Excellence on Gamification and the Innovation process which highlighted how gamification could be utilised to increase engagement in innovation management.

One of the benefits of having a flexible innovation management platform is that it can allow you to employ certain aspects of gamification without the added costs cited by the Innovation Excellence article, which cites a figure of $100 million spent on gamification in 2010. Building software from the ground up can be costly, but implementing gamification aspects into your innovation management platform should be relatively simple, provided you have a great software provider. Here are a few gamification concepts you could implement on your platform:

Points – One of the simplest ways of progressing in almost any game is earning points for certain levels of participation and creating an incentive for your employees to earn points. Creating a point earning system on your platform is a customisation that can encourage the employee engagement you’re looking for – so long as you have a plan as to what the points will earn.

Quests – While some games like The Sims are successful without a general quest or eventual end point to the game, even those games have smaller goals that can be achieved. Think about ways you can construct your ideas to mimic quests. Depending on your business and what developing ideas entail, you may be able to create a quest out of the task of redesigning your company website or testing a product idea. Think about the roles your employees play and how you can encourage them to work together to meet a goal.

Roles or Levels – Most business won’t be able to hand out or drop better armour or items for their employees which would normally give them the incentive to continue to play a game, but you can create roles or levels for the employees that gather the most points or complete the most quests. Create a benchmark or a level for a point or task system, and when an employee completes that or participates heavily in the innovation process, they can “level up” and receive different types of perks or rewards.

How you implement game-like structures into your innovation management platform depends not only on the type of business, the culture of employees, but most importantly it depends on following through with goals, rewards, and actions. Providing a structure for employees to get involved in the innovation process isn’t much use without a clear progression or reward.

Your software provider should be able to customise their platform to fit your needs. One of the positive aspects of working with Wazoku is that we have a variety of customisable options to turn our idea management platform not only into a completely branded solution that will mirror your website and organisation, but we also provide third party integrations and are willing to work with you to customise Idea Spotlight to fit your business needs, including gamification.