Friday Innovation Links Roundup – 4 April 2014

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We have put together a few brilliant links that we found across the web this week:

Shell is Open for Innovation  –  Innovation Excellence article by Kevin McFarthing on why Shell is using open innovation to become “the most competitive and innovative energy company”.

US Seeks to Foster Development Innovation with a $1bn-a-year Lab – The US Agency for International Aid will be funding a new global development laboratory which aims to produce “game-changing solutions” and test new tools to fight poverty. USAid has stated that the creation of the lab “marks a fundamental shift in its approach to development innovation”. By Sam Jones, The Guardian.

Infographic –  Innovation Rankings – USA and the Rest of the World –  What are the most innovative countries in the world? The Global Innovation Index 2013. Innovation Excellence.

What Price is Innovation Without Strategy? – Why innovation should be strategic, sustainable and embedded in your company culture. By Sue Unerman, Media Week.

Fostering Greater Creativity by Celebrating Failure – Another great piece explaining why successful innovation cannot be achieved without experiencing and accepting failure. By Gwen Moran, Fast Company.

Internally Focused Tasks of a Chief Innovation Officer – How to leverage your internal resources to foster innovation. By Michelle Greenwald, Forbes.