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innovation roundup

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Here are some brilliant innovation links that we’ve found across the internet this week:

Innovation is a Process? – Rob Lewis argues on TechVibes that innovation is a process that startups must see through from start to finish.

Move Innovation Beyond Product Design – Curt Richardson talks in Inc. about how innovation contributes to product design. Implementing a system is half the battle, just as we’ve always argued.

Innovation is Messy – Fast Company showcases Starbucks and it’s response to criticisms following their implementation of a new payment system.

Tech Industries are Misdefining Innovation – In comparing Apple’s “innovation” with Google and Android, there’s an interesting lesson to be learned about what tech companies call “innovation” and why some feel it misses the mark.

What is innovation? – Is it an outcome or a process? Or both? Stefan Lindegaard asks what innovation really means.

We’ll be back next week with more innovation links.

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