Idea Management for the Financial Services Industry

In one of the most highly regulated industries, Wazoku helps financial institutions be innovative and remain competitive.

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The financial services sector has changed radically over the past decade and continues to face multiple challenges:

Bitcoin, different currencies

  • People and companies view their finances in a completely different way to how they once did
  • Technology is forcing legacy institutions to adapt and overhaul their products and services
  • Banks are juggling massive compliance, security and legacy platform concerns
  • Employees want inclusion, to collaborate and to have the tools and knowledge to keep customers happy
  • Accelerators, fintechs and regtechs are here to both collaborate and disrupt

Where do you get the new product ideas, secure spaces for collaboration or ideas for small and continuous initiatives to drive improvement?

This project helped fintech start-ups gain traction, and in doing so helped NGOs come up with new ways to solve global developing world issues. There is a huge need and opportunity for collaboration in this space.
Simon Schou, CIO, Copenhagen FinTech
    Wazoku helps financial institutions begin or extend their innovation programmes with our cloud-based, secure and flexible idea management platform.

    How can the finance services industry innovate with idea management?

    • Introduce new products to market

      Break into new markets and find sources of revenue. Learn how

    • Collaborate between branches

      What’s working well for one branch could be implemented in others across the world. Learn how

    • Improve speed of delivery for services

      Especially the most basic ones – in these days of immediacy, customers find it hard to accept that opening a basic current account can still be a lengthy and bureaucratic process. Learn how

    • Focus on the customer journey

      Put customer needs and wishes to the fore. Learn how

    • Join forces with accelerators, fintechs, regtechs

      Solve problems, be more future-proof, drive new tech enhancements and protect intellectual property. Learn how

    • Adapt/change legacy systems

      Outdated technology can be a huge barrier to innovation. Collect, evaluate and implement ideas for change and optimisation. Learn how

    • Attract and retain the best talent

      Give them as much freedom as possible within a strict regulatory framework. Learn how


    See how we've helped our FS customers innovate:

    CARE and Copenhagen FinTech joined forces with the aim to match the challenges faced by underdeveloped countries with the solutions of smart and evolving fintech companies.

    A British multinational investment bank and financial services company

    Identified fintech ideas within the organisation to fund creating new products for their clients.
    HSBC Bubble Hub: A global initiative for bottom-up business improvement. The UK RBWM initiative alone has driven more than £11m in value in 18 months from just 1% of implemented ideas.

    A global financial, software, data, and media company

    Run a Chairman's Challenge to promote diversity + inclusion across the team.

    Read how a one of a kind partnership between an NGO and fintech startup are helping bank the unbanked world.