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The Fidelity story – technology-driven innovation

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The Challenge

Fidelity International (Fidelity), one of the UK’s largest investment fund managers, initially started collaborative innovation with Step Change, an IT department run innovation programme, managed through SharePoint. It was a great first step, however, SharePoint was unable to scale the initiative, provide the flexibility required or progress, track and move ideas and data the way Fidelity needed.

Fidelity wanted to make a substantial impact on company culture and its way of doing things to become more innovative and employee-driven by scaling to include the entire organisation.

The solution:

Working closely with Wazoku, Fidelity launched a new innovation programme on Idea Spotlight called FIL Ideas. FIL Ideas was set up with a focus on striving to push ideas forward, building a culture that is about engagement and speaking to colleagues to get input, ideas and feedback, all resulting in new, innovative ways to get things done.

Fidelity setup extensive communication campaigns around the launch of each new Challenge to send the message that innovation is a priority and that the workforces’ input is both valued and required.

The programme is growing and iterating with customer issue resolution initiatives, competitions, code-a-thons and hack-a-thons and now external members of their ecosystem coming onboard the FIL Ideas platform. Fidelity is living and breathing its culture of innovation to extend into all corners of the organisation.

The Results:

With the launch of FIL Ideas, Fidelity saw over 500 ideas submitted and over 120,000 views within just the first six months. Within the first year, over 95% of employees were engaging on the platform.

The platform is now feeding a self-perpetuation culture of innovation. Fidelity is currently working on merging a number of ideas which are based around employee feedback and development, encouraging a learner’s mindset which is so crucial to have a workforce of innovative thinkers.

With the platform has come an overall shift in company culture. Employees, teams and departments are now more engaged and involved in everyday innovation, and feel that their ideas and concerns are heard and responded to.

For more information, watch our Fidelity Webinar.