Idea Spotlight: New features!

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At Wazoku we constantly strive to build and improve our platform, Idea Spotlight, to be even better and to serve every single need of our most valuable assets; our customers. We’ve had great feedback and have moved forward with quite a few great, new trends.

Here’s a look at what’s new and improved:

Smart groups

Why worry about individuals having access to the right content, when you can set up smart groups that do it for you?

You can now automate access for a large number of users, organise fully customisable teams, speed up the evaluation process and ensure that the right people are always in the right place at the right time.

Idea Spotlight Smart Groups from Wazoku on Vimeo.


What matters to you the most? Don’t miss any important updates. Every user can personalise their quickbar with everything they care about: Challenges, Conversations, Co-creation Communities or Idea Spaces.

The quickbar allows all of your favourites to be just one click away.

Idea Spotlight Quickbar from Wazoku on Vimeo.

Discover page & swimlanes

It has never been easier to navigate through Idea Spotlight. You can sort through vast content (Ideas, Challenges, Idea Spaces, etc.) using quick filters and refiine your search furter with advanced filters such as keywords, dates and categories.

Additionally, the new ‘swimlane’ view enables you to visually track Challenge progress at a glance.

Homepage – engagement & gamification

Contributors can now add, view and engage with ideas directly from the homepage. Additionaly, the homepage now features gamification to drive better performance and visualise real-time goals and feedback.

These new features allow easy access to vital information and encourage daily contributions.

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