Wazoku’s collaborative idea management software Idea Spotlight, provides structure to capture, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas. It is a highly flexible platform that allows you to build communities for innovation, employee and stakeholder dialogue and insight.


  • Create Communities
  • Social Collaboration
  • Evaluation Options
  • Dashboards & Reporting

Create Communities

Create private environments, forums and groups within Idea Spotlight to gather ideas from internal contributors and/or external audiences such as partners, customers or the public. Communities allow you to securely organise and manage all challenges, across all stakeholder groups, within a single platform.

Social Collaboration

Creating challenges and sharing ideas provides a transparent social experience. Comment and vote on ideas, add your own suggestions and watch the best ideas emerge.

Evaluation Options

Once your crowd has identified the best options, put your ideas in front of decision makers to be evaluated against specific criteria. Review Boards provide a private area for subject matter experts and decision makers to discuss and evaluate ideas, submit individual evaluations and select the best ideas to further develop or implement.

Dashboards & Reporting

Administer and analyse the activity on Idea Spotlight with dashboards and reporting. The built-in analytics will help you to clearly visualise your Idea Spotlight activity and to easily identify the most successful elements of your idea management platform. Reporting features allow you to export reports for further evaluation.


  • Customise Idea Spotlight
  • Feature Content
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Form Builder

Customise Idea Spotlight

Customise your Idea Spotlight by branding the site to conform to your brand standard. Personalisation options include: configurable home pages, names, logos, dashboards and html templates.

Feature Content

Encourage your community to respond to the most important challenges by selecting the content to feature on the home page.

Configurable Workflow

Add more flexibility and personalisation to the idea management process. Drag and drop predefined stage types to configure the most appropriate workflow to generate the best ideas and outcomes for your business challenge.

Form Builder

Build your own idea forms to ensure you are capturing the information you need to evaluate and analyse ideas. Create different forms for each challenge type, or use the same form for all challenges to ensure consistent idea content.


  • Mobile
  • Notifications
  • Task Manager
  • Admin Tools


Ideas can happen at anytime, anywhere and our mobile experience will allow users to easily submit and build on ideas on the go, with any device. With a customised icon to display on your home screen, one touch access to Idea Spotlight is always available.


Keep your community engaged with personalised notifications. Daily Summaries and Weekly Digests make sure that everyone follows the activity of particular interest.

Task Manager

The Task Manager makes sure you never missing a pending task and keep your ideas moving through the workflow.

Admin Tools

The admin panel allows you to manage and configure your Idea Spotlight platform to conform to your specific needs and processes.

  • Security

    Wazoku knows how important keeping your data secure and ensuring proper access to the platform is to your organisation. Our security protocols include secure hosting with Rackspace, application data protection including SAML2 Single Sign On options, powerful user roles and permissions and IP restrictions.

  • Office 365 Apps

    With the Wazoku Office App, you can seamlessly interact with ideas from within the Office suite, ensuring that everyone has all necessary information to properly evaluate ideas. The Wazoku Office App integrates with SharePoint to ensure any subsequent changes to a document are automatically applied to the associated with ideas.

  • Idea Spotlight API

    The Idea Spotlight API is a REST API that allows you to access your Idea Spotlight data and put it in front of everyone who needs it. With integrations with Enterprise Social Networks, project management tools, intranets and other third party tools we can make sure the ideation flow is integrated with your business processes.

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