The New Innovation Conversation Report

The EveryDay Innovation Report from Wazoku

This report helps organisations understand:

  • what best-practice innovation looks like
  • where they are on their journey to achieving it
  • what they can do to get there faster
  • how to continue evolving innovation

Our survey of over 1,000 board members, senior managers, middle managers and everyday workers within large enterprises across the UK sheds further light on the innovation challenges facing businesses.

average-employee-no-idea-what-innovation-means-2of employees currently have no understanding of what innovation means to their employers

many-managers-say-innovation-not-their-responsibiity-2of managers say innovation isn’t their responsibility because it’s not in their job description

majority-believe-ideas-improve-through-collaboration-2believe ideas are improved by collaboration at all levels, rather than through reliance on lone thinkers or leaders