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Keep ideas moving and turn innovation into outcomes with Office365, Microsoft Teams, Jira, BI tools, and social platform integrations.

Wazoku’s integrations deliver

Embedded innovation capability

Integrating with the rest of your everyday tools is effective in turning innovation into a daily way of working.

Easier interactions

We make it easy to submit, evaluate, and integrate solutions without leaving your apps.

Improved implementation

Seamlessly progress projects from your idea management system, increasing the percentage of ideas that are implemented.

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Always-on Innovation

Turning innovation from an isolated event into an everyday capability means bringing people onboard who aren’t usually involved in the innovation conversation.

The most effective way to do that is build the innovation process into tools that your organization already uses to communicate, organize, and discuss daily working tasks.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our Teams integration is the most comprehensive of any innovation platform, giving users and admins full access to their innovation program.

When set up, it allows you to:

  • Search for relevant content
  • View Challenges, idea spaces, people, and personalized content feeds
  • Add ideas and comments
  • Vote on submissions
  • Follow content
  • Submit evaluations

Combined with this app functionality, our Teams Bots keep users informed and updated on all their innovation activity –from the comfort of their regular Teams set up. The Bots produce notifications, encouraging contributions and a level of program engagement that simply is not possible otherwise.

Microsoft Teams

Better Innovation Conversations

Alongside Microsoft Teams and Jira integrations, our platform goes toe-to-toe with any corporate channels: insurance firm Alte Leipziger reported that it communicated far more on our platform than on the Yammer, Slack, or Teams channels that employees were otherwise using.


Alte Leipziger Webinar

“Participation and recognition are just as strong motivators for our employees on the platform as financial rewards – we had more ideas submitted to our first Creative Challenge than the first one with a fixed monetary award.”

Klaudia Soroka – Innovation Management Consultant, Alte Leipziger

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