Combine hands-on access to innovation data and bespoke reporting with Advanced Analytics

Utilize intuitive widgets and dashboard templates to tell your innovation story. Celebrate your success and improve your program with the most advanced analytics suite on the market.

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Leverage key insights from crucial data

Access real-time reporting on engagement, dashboards for ROI, and measure against your company’s KPIs with performance and activity data that works for you.

Advanced Analytics delivers:

Configurable Reporting: we enable your ability to both report on the activity within your platform and display performance against your organization’s KPIs.
Templated Dashboards: quickly showcase success with pre-produced templates which guide you as you get up and running.
Data that matures with you: you can also build your own dashboards, meaning that you can report on increasingly unique impact metrics, defined by your company’s needs at any given time.

Your team can easily decide the right metrics to surface that support informed decision-making on your organization’s future.

Configurable widgets

We couple this data with configurable widgets, making sure that all of your decisions are rooted in evidence rather than hunches.

Real-time reporting

Advanced Analytics gives admins access to real-time reporting on engagement, activity, and time spent on innovation, providing critical program health checks whenever you need it.

Report builders

Our best-in-class report builders allow you to tell the story of your program with ease. Innovation data visualization has never been this seamless.


With analytics that are personalized to each user’s view and an API functionality for organizational reporting, Wazoku provides your team with the most cohesive innovation analytics on the market.

The platform’s leading security features ensure that confidential information won’t fall into the wrong hands, all while upholding transparency. You have complete control over who sees what, when, and where, optimizing the potential for collaboration, co-creation, and open innovation without compromising security.

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