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Wazoku’s Connected Communities: an all-in-one space for innovation.

Protect your business innovation with the latest security, ensuring you can co-create with your networks in confidence.

Collaboration and co-creation underpin the way in which we can effectively innovate for the future. That reality means that, more so than ever before, security is paramount to how we build and nurture online spaces for innovation. At the same time, we need to create platforms that are easy to use and engaging, to drive repeatable, sustainable practices for innovation.

Balancing these three factors is an incredibly difficult task, but it is essential for supporting companies in effectively problem solving and efficiently exploring new opportunities. With Connected Communities, Wazoku has achieved this.

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Any organization that wants to innovate better, faster, and more cost-effectively than ever before needs a Connected Community. Through SSO and easily configurable permissions, we ensure that the correct people see the correct information to collaborate and co-create effectively.

These same features deliver enterprise-grade security that ensures no data or information makes its way into the wrong hands while upholding our commitment to building an engaging, accessible platform that people want to continue to come back to.

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