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A powerful platform underpinned by AI.

Our latest developments put the power of AI in your hands, helping to accelerate outcomes and enable innovation at scale.

Innovation is all about the future, so use the platform that’s built for it.

We connect all your innovation work together in one place and put the power of data and analytics in your hands: informing better, clearer decision-making and investment than any other platform on the market.

Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) allows organizations to uncover hidden, pivotal relationships from vast amounts of data. An innovation platform with this ability to mine gold out of information you already have supports a strategic, evidenced path to the future.

Wazoku’s AI-powered platform for innovation gives companies the means to leverage AI and achieve new levels of excellence more effectively and repeatedly than ever before. It forms a fundamental basis of joined-up thinking and process that enables innovation at scale, something that every company benefits from working towards.

Wazoku’s AI-powered platform delivers:

A Living Solutions Bank

Wazoku surfaces content at a time that is most relevant to users.

Higher Engagement

Based on their history, we recommend content that users are most likely to care about, driving better, repeated engagement with the platform and the innovation process.

Unified Solutions

Browsing recommendations means you can bring similar solutions together and manage them as one overall project.

Our AI helps you

Put solutions in a real-world context
Align innovation outcomes to your overall strategic goals
Create a roadmap for "where next?"

Coming soon:

Idea Clustering support.

This will group content by themes that the AI identifies, allowing for:

Better discovery of interesting content for all users
Trend tracking, encouraging users to explore potential missed opportunities that are being frequently discussed but never implemented
Quicker time from idea to implementation, as evaluators review clusters instead of individual ideas

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