Idea Management for the
Engineering Industry

In a highly pressured, competitive environment, Wazoku helps engineering companies power-up their innovation strategies in the face of competing challenges.

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Just a few of our Everyday Innovators:

Despite overall market growth, the engineering industry is undergoing dramatic change with numerous challenges such as:


  • Increasing importance of sustainable development
  • Intensifying cost pressures, with a trend towards fixed-bid projects with extremely tight budgets
  • Advances in technology and the need for rapid adoption, as well as an increasing demand for tech skills
  • Labour shortages, with an ageing workforce and a low number of women in engineering
  • Demand for higher operations precision and efficiency
  • The need to co-create with diverse groups - suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, partners etc.

How can you mitigate these challenges to remain competitive now and in the future?

What tools can help you build new partnership models and project structures to take advantage of upcoming engineering opportunities?


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Wazoku helps engineering companies begin or extend their innovation programmes with our collaborative idea management platform.

How can the engineering industry innovate with idea management?

  • Collect, gather and implement sustainable ideas

    Benefit from a structured approach to collecting and managing ideas for sustainable design. Learn how

  • Increase the efficiency of your engineering projects

    Explore how to work faster and more efficiently. Learn how

  • Co-create with suppliers, manufacturers and partners

    Leverage the knowledge and insight from the people surrounding your business. Learn how

  • Build the right partnership models

    Take advantage of new global opportunities and choose the one that’s right for your business. Learn how

  • Adapt/change legacy systems

    Outdated technology can be a huge barrier to innovation. Collect, evaluate and implement ideas for change and optimisation. Learn how

  • Invent new approaches across the whole supply chain

    Ensure every part of your business is prepared for the changes that will drive the innovations of tomorrow. Learn how

  • Engage your employees

    Break down silos and actively improve engagement across your entire workforce. Learn how

  • Back the right projects

    Gather proposal ideas, assess and allocate resources, conduct crowd reviews and achieve buy-in. Learn how


See how we've helped our customers innovate:

An international engineering group

Captured start-up ideas from their employees, using a structured development process, with each stage as a learning course. Winning ideas were presented to management, to win time and investment for further development and implementation.

A UK water sector business

To detect the build-up of water blockages in sewer networks this company ran an open innovation challenge to crowdsource ideas. The solution found was a sewer monitoring system composed of a myriad of fixed sensors.

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