8 ways to engage your employees

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Your employees no longer work just for job security or a good salary; they also want to attain personal fulfilment. Their goals have changed and today, as customers, they seek an internal value proposition.


Group of a happy business team applauding

Here at Wazoku, we believe that employee engagement means having your staff recognise that they benefit from the success of your business. They will perform better if they consider themselves partners in your business.

Is your workforce involved in your business goals? If not, have you ever considered how much your are losing due to staff disengagement?

Here some tips to keep your employees constantly turned on.

  1. Listen to your staff’s needs and talk to them. People want to be listened to; acting upon your employees’ concerns will demonstrate to them that you care about them from a personal point of view.
  2. Be clear while communicating your expectations. If properly aware of the company vision and business objectives, your employees will work harder to hit the company goals. Ambiguity usually leads to frustration.
  3. Set realistic and reachable goals. Business objectives have to be achievable and challenging at the same time: in this way your employees will grow while attaining those goals and, once pursued, they will feel accomplished and highly motivated.
  4. Demonstrate recognition and appreciation for every accomplishment. Don’t forget to reward your employees whenever they hit a goal which is relevant to the entire organisation.
  5. Keep delivering feedback. It’s important that you share with your staff what you think about their performance not only to inform them, but also to motivate them. Transparency is fundamental and ambiguity, again, leads to frustration most of the time.
  6. Invest in your employees. Whether it is training or technology, they will feel relevant to the positive outcome of the entire company.
  7. Develop appropriate career advancement programs, so every employee will feel his commitment can take him further.
  8. Do your best to maintain a positive relationship not only among your employees, but also between them and the management. Discontent only decreases productivity and engagement.

Finally, a co-creation platform can help you listen to the voice of your employees and empower them, making their opinion relevant. Check out how Wazoku helps organisations to better engage their staff.