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Empowering Employees To Be Intrapreneurs And Drive Organisational Innovation – A Practical Approach

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October 21-23rd, New York City, USA:

Earlier in 2015 we sponsored the London chapter of the Intrapreneur Conference and enjoyed a few days of discussion and debate with a range of European champions of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation and heads of incubators, accelerators and labs, to learn the best and next practices.

Person_innovation strategy

Intrapreneurship is a pretty new and nascent movement of ambitious people who enjoy their lives within larger businesses but are disrupters who want to combine the scale and potential of larger business with the agility and flexibility of smaller, earlier stage, entrepreneurial businesses. As the movement gathers momentum the word is spreading and these conferences are growing in stature, attendance, and frequency. As a result we were proud to sponsor the New York chapter of the Intrapreneur Conference a few weeks back. It was a 3-day event attended by a global audience in New York City and was a brilliant showcase for all elements of innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, best practice, radical practice, good advice and lots of talk of ‘risk and failure’!!

The event coincided nicely with our continued and more expansive push into the North American marketplace. We were able to mix with some of our prospects and customers during the event whilst in the city of the latest Wazoku office. It also coincided nicely with the launch of our Everyday Innovation report, and that was the topic that we took to share with the audience.

There were a number of really great breakout and workshop sessions and the takeaway messages from my side were as follows:

  • Intrapreneurship is not one thing, it’s a myriad of different activities and falls very much into areas of innovation, accelerators, incubators, labs, hackathons, lean, agile, and within this, we can now add intrapreneurship.
  • The intrapreneur is a creative and disruptive soul. They want to push and noodle their organisation but also respect it and fundamentally love and understand it, both its obvious limitations and glaring advantages and opportunities.
  • I don’t like the term intrapreneurship, or at very least I don’t like the fact it is lacking in clarity and definition as it risks falling into the opacity of those other overused and over-abused terms of obscurity…..innovation and collaboration. To name just two. Where something is of paramount importance it is terrifying when it lacks comprehension at scale.
  • This community needs to build, it needs to form; it will be fundamental to shaping how today’s enterprises develop and how the large enterprises of the future succeed.

Ultimately, it was an excellent few days with some real pioneers on a truly global scale. Speakers from Cisco, IBM, Google, Barclays, MasterCard and the like, shared their stories on stage. The debate was good. The questioning was solid. The journey will be a fun and challenging one.  At Wazoku we will continue to be supporters of intrapreneurship and its champions can be some of the key EveryDay innovators across global corporations as we strive to deliver true Everyday Innovation and foster world-class innovative enterprise.