Why is employee engagement a vital component of success in the retail sector?

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Let’s put some figures to the words: according to a study conducted last year by the brand engagement agency Maverick, retail employees are some of the most disengaged employees in the country. Among the 2000 workers interrogated, 77% admitted to not engage with their company’s brand value. Yet according to the study, by investing just 10% more in staff engagement, UK businesses in all sectors could add £2700 per employee, per year, in profits.

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To understand why employee engagement is so vital in the retail sector let’s have a closer look at some of the main challenges retail managers are facing every day:

– How to maintain exemplary customer service levels and consequently, customer satisfaction?

– How to preserve customer loyalty?

– How to make employees understand their employer’s organisational values?

– How to reduce staff turnover?

– How to motivate the staff and build loyalty among employees?

– And basically, how to maximise sales?

There is no need to spend hours analysing these challenges to understand that in the retail sector there is a close link between motivated employees, good customer service and profitability. Then the interesting questions become: how can employee engagement help resolve all these challenges? And how to perform a successful employee engagement strategy?

Here are some tips to implement a successful employee engagement strategy:

– Empower your employees by making them part of the day-to-day decision making processes. For example: by letting retail employees manage their working times and take their commitments into account. This leads to an increase in engagement, motivation and satisfaction and as a result, a reduction of the turnover. Giving employees the ability of make certain decisions without approval from a manager improve decision-making efficiency.

– Reward good service, not just sales. This is basic but often forgotten. By putting an emphasis on great service you will help to lift management’s quantitative expectations, you will improve customer satisfaction and at the same time create a pleasant working environment.

– Introduce an element of competition and fun: gamification is a great way to improve productivity and engagement at the same time. As a result, employees will benefit from the psychological benefits of feeling like part of a team.

In short, in spite of the fact that in effect numerous retailers are unfortunately only thinking in term of turnover, implementing an efficient engagement employment strategy leads to a pleasant working atmosphere with motivated employees,improvement of client satisfaction and as a result, an increase in sales.

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