Co-create with partners, suppliers, start-ups and SMEs for better outcomes.
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It is critical to connect with global ecosystems of innovators, start-ups, academics & strategic partners to develop an always on innovation culture, change mindset and identify new ways of working.

Forward looking companies are co-creating the future of work by collaborating with existing ecosystems and new entrants such as start-ups, academia and SMEs on a global basis. Plugging into these networks can identify in new customers, tap into new sources of data and improve established business processes.

There are many different ways to use idea management across your ecosystem.


Drive world changing innovation outcomes collaboratively with your ecosystem to find solutions to systemic problems.

Engage your supply chain and embed a continuous improvement mindset across all interactions to improve forecasting, inventory turnover and shelf-space usage, and reduce wasted resources and time spent on inefficient tasks.

Reward & recognise your partners for their role in building advocacy, identifying potential new talent and celebrating success.

To move forward, organisations must change their operating models to create, run and maintain innovation ecosystems. This demands a new and innovative approach. At the most fundamental level, the organisation must foster a culture that supports open innovation…
Accenture, Eight steps to foster innovation through successful ecosystems (2016)

Drive business Improvement with your Ecosystem

Embracing your ecosystem in your business transformation goals and strategy is mutually beneficial. It drives improved ways of working and delivers long-term value and growth. You rely on your supply chain to be as effective and efficient as possible to achieve better customer experiences and satisfaction, as well as improving service, price and margin. Coordinated engagement of your ecosystem will drive business benefits, such as:

  • Supply chain optimisation: individual partners in your supply chain can make small improvements, but getting the full supply chain collaborating regularly can revolutionise results.
  • Product and services feedback: how do you capture the voice of your partners in your product development roadmap? Many of your partners will have customer interactions affecting how your products and services are delivered, so engage their voice in making improvements.

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Uncover new opportunities with your Ecosystem

Your ecosystem can be an extension of your organisation as they have independent relationship with your customers and each other. Tap into those relationships and insight to develop new offerings, delivery methods and business models that derive value for everyone, make more efficient use of resources and increase the likelihood of more aligned outcomes.

  • Supply chain innovation: understand the challenges and goals of your collective ecosystem to drive innovation across the entire supply chain and start delivering for tomorrow, today.
  • Business model development: leverage the independent insights of your partners to identify new business models and delivery methods so you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Customer experience innovation: bring your partners together with your employees to prepare for tomorrow and explore new ways to engage and delight.

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Engage your Ecosystem to drive collaboration and competition

Drive greater value from your ecosystem relationships by openly sharing your innovation blockages by building strategic innovation challenges and competitions targeted at your business ecosystem. Run start-up competitions to identify new ways of working to address specific business needs, or jointly develop new products and services with your supply chain or professional services partners.

Our Compete Launchpad provides the tools to find the right cohort for your accelerator, to address systemic problems that are hindering your progress and to drive all your partners to be their best.

  • Accelerator cohorts: run a transparent and consistent process for identifying the start-ups you invite to join your accelerator.
  • Innovation Challenges: engage your university ecosystem to identify new talent and gain fresh perspectives on problems and opportunities.
  • Grand Challenges: invite your ecosystem to help solve systemic issues affecting the wider industry and world.

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Reward & Recognise your Ecosystem's innovation activities

The best companies are those who work collaboratively and openly across their innovation ecosystem. To build a collaborative and thriving innovation ecosystem, contributors need to know that ideas are valued and contributions are recognised and rewarded.

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Gain an outside perspective by engaging your entire business network