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Does idea tracking software motivate staff?

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Companies in all sectors are looking for ways to motivate their staff. While there are a variety of approaches companies can take such as providing more monetary or material incentives, one of the best ways to motivate staff is to encourage them to invest themselves in the company by providing their own ideas and opinions on business operations, new products, and more.

Team_people at desk

For that reason, many companies are looking for idea tracking software, something that will provide them with an easy way of keeping track of their employees’ ideas. While our software does track ideas, we refer to it as idea management software because it’s not just tracking ideas that will help you motivate your staff, you need to manage the ideas for three reasons.

1 – Management creates results. One of the biggest reasons for migrating from long and tedious meetings into an online space is efficiency. Companies want idea tracking software particularly because of the benefits technology provides them. But if a piece of software merely tracks ideas, it just becomes an online repository for ideas that doesn’t actually serve the company. Idea management software should have analytical and technical capabilities that make it easy to mould into whatever process for turning ideas into results that your company decides on.

2 – It’s not just about popularity. Idea management should help you not only find the most popular ideas, but to put all ideas through a system that will test them and ensure they meet all of the specifications that your company needs. Without these systems in place, idea tracking software can lose it’s purpose, bring you only the most popular ideas with you left to do the vetting outside of the system, creating a timelier and more difficult process for administrators. Idea management should allow you to implement these checks and balances within your own system. In turn, that provides you with the transparency that will motivate your employees to feel as though all of their ideas are getting equal recognition, regardless of popularity.

3 – Challenges are motivating. It’s often difficult for anyone to take that first initial plunge and you might find that if you implement an idea tracking solution, rather than an idea management solution, employees are anything but motivated because they may be worried about submitting the first idea. An idea management solution not only allows for employees to get involved themselves, but also provides the administrators with the ability to spark debate and facilitate the flow of ideas. Our idea management system allows administrators to create Challenges as often as they’d like which encourage employees to get together and solve a problem with their own ideas, or even to just to think about something new that should motivate them every week.

If you’re looking for a great way to motivate your staff, don’t just track their ideas, manage them to create real results.