Co-create with your customers, gain insights and build advocacy.
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Partner with customers to ideate, problem solve, improve performance or create a new product, service or business.

Collaboration, or “co-innovation,” is becoming more important as a method of identifying new ways to generate value.

Companies committed to listening, connecting and delivering in a more collaborative way with their clients will see greater success and win more market share. Can you really afford to leave your customers out of your innovation and transformation processes?

There are many ways to use an idea management platform with your customers:


Drive customer experience innovation with always on insights and data into people’s true needs and wants, directly from your customers.

Gather actionable products and services feedback to ensure you are solving real problems with effective solutions.

Capture the collective insight of your customer base in a single community rather than through fractured feedback from limited surveys, focus groups or one-off interviews.


Drive Customer Experience Improvements with your Customers

People pay more attention to the output when you’ve taken them on the design journey and they feel involved. Build trust and engage your advocates by giving your customers an impactful voice to inform where your customer experiences can be improved, to share improvement ideas and co-create the customer experience outcomes.

After all, your customers are the ones who experience your products, services and operations every day, they will see the things that work well and those that do not, they will experience great service or products elsewhere and may provide new insights or ideas to help us innovate for today.

  • Product and services feedback: identify and prioritise the most beneficial enhancements, improvements and extensions to your existing product and services portfolio.
  • Customer experience improvements: understand the personalised needs of your customers to deliver not just a product but a complete experience for your customers.

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Uncover new opportunities with your Customers

An always on customer innovation community will allow you to focus on solving real customer problems. Create open, transparent, safe spaces to develop a collaborative understanding of your customers’ challenges and frustrations. Develop customer ideas or test ideas from your other communities with your customers, to validate them earlier in your investment and solution scoping processes.

  • New products & services: leverage collective customer insights to develop new offerings that will resonate in the marketplace.
  • Customer experience innovation: test new delivery models and customer journeys, before you invest significant resources, to ensure your ideas will delight your customers.
  • New market opportunities: engage your customers to identify new markets and sectors to expand your market reach.

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Engage your Customers through collaboration and competition

You don’t have all the answers, engage a diverse crowd to uncover new ideas, insights or solutions. Engaging your customers in your innovation challenges, gives a voice and potential reward to those people who know and interact with your business.

  • Innovation Competitions: run a competition for the best idea to drive customer experience. Your customers will not only love being part of the process and having their opinions valued but the collaboration and excitement brought on by running these events through an idea management platform, will make it all the more enticing.

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Why you should engage your customers through reward & recognition

Build advocacy, enhance your loyalty and customer engagement to not just reward buying behaviour, but also engage, reward & recognise those customers who help to drive your brand, customer experience, new product/service innovation or just go above and beyond in every-day life.

  • Customer of the Year awards: champion your customer’s successes and give them an opportunity to shine before their peers.
  • Idea of the Year awards: recognise the customers that drove the greatest improvements across product, services and customer experiences

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