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Precyse Technologies is a leading provider of Industrial IoT asset tracking and management systems. The company produces active RFID tags or “cell phones for things” and needed a way to have these tags activated as products arrived at their destinations while increasing battery life to over 5 years. Precyse needed a solution to allow a deployment with a 100 foot wireless wake-up range instead of the limiting market standard of 10 feet. They understood from the start that taking a traditional approach to R&D could cost well over $1 million, which they preferred to invest in direct marketing and sales.

“Not only was going down the conventional development path prohibitively expensive, it was simply too slow and had no guarantee of success. We wanted to be first-to-market not the last one to the table.”

Rom Elizenberg
Co-Founder and CMO, Precyse

The Challenge

  • Precyse needed a way to wake up active tags as they arrived in transit or entered a customer facility.
  • The right technology was needed to prevent battery drain from tags “listening” for these activations.
  • The range of this device needed to be significantly longer than existing technology, around 100 feet versus the standard at the time of around 10 feet.
  • The solution could not affect existing customer processes.

The Solutions

  • More than 500 solvers from 64 countries worked on Precyse Technologies’ Challenge.
  • The winning solution was called “passive wakeup technology”.
  • It allowed “Smart Agent” tags to harvest energy from radio waves up to 100 feet away from the transponders at delivery locations.
  • The technology allows Precyse to extend battery life on tags well beyond 5 years and gives them the flexibility to add new features as their technology evolves.

The Results

  • Precyse now has a product that delivers a more efficient approach to energy saving while increasing the range.
  • The “Smart Agent” tags lower the cost of tracking physical assets and improves workflow for its customers.
  • The technology allows inventories on a supply chain or products on a manufacturing line to talk to one another, to people or to computers more efficiently.
  • By tripling the range of passive wireless wake up, Precyse will be able to overcome the narrow-access-gate limitation, removing one of the key hurdles competitors face when trying to save on mobile-device battery life.

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