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Uncovering potential commercial opportunities

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Headquartered in Michigan, United States, The Dow Chemical Company is one of the largest global chemical companies in the world. Employing around 54,000 people, across 160 countries, Dow manufactures plastics, chemicals and agricultural products. The firm’s passion is advancing science and innovation to find solutions to change the world for the better.

Dow Chemical had introduced a new generation of oil-soluble Polyalkylene Glycols (PAGs), which unlike traditional PAGs could be mixed with hydrocarbon or mineral oils and offered greater versatility and unique performance properties. Dow Chemical were looking for uses, formulations and chemical processing ideas that could accelerate the commercialization of oil-soluble PAGs in existing or new markets.

“Our internal experts identified industrial and automotive lubricants as possible markets, but we looked to outside scientists and innovators to help us uncover other potential opportunities that can broaden the use of this important chemistry.”

Lisa Inoue
Strategic Marketing Leader, Dow

The Challenge

  • Dow wanted to find uses for a new generation of oil-soluble Polyalkylene Glycols (PAGS), which were already demonstrating performance advantages in industrial lubricants and increased energy efficiency in automotive applications.
  • Oil-soluble PAGs have a potentially vast array of other applications in markets such as household cleaning, fabric conditioning, sunscreen, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, deodorant, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, marine, air, space, defense and more.
  • Dow was hopeful that Solvers’ expertise could accelerate the identification and development of new applications and markets for oil-soluble PAGs.

The Solutions

  • Dow awarded two potential applications $15,000 each, doubling the originally stated total award amount.
  • Joel Martin submitted a novel pharmaceutical application that could be used to treat a range of eye-related ailments and address the limitations of existing technology, helping meet the needs of an underserved global population.
  • Dmitriy Tipikin applied oil-soluble PAGs to the process of demulsification of oil-in-water emulsions, which could be used in extraction and hydration inhibition in oil, gas and mining applications. It brought the potential for improved environmental standards, operating procedures and yield.

The Results

  • Not only did the Challenge allow Dow to address a key need, it provided exposure for their new technology and brought them closer to end users.
  • With over 313 Solvers engaged and 60 possible Solutions generated, it also helped the company to uncover other possible opportunities.

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