Organised process

Custom Processes for Custom Companies

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It’s important not just to gather ideas, but also to have a way of getting those ideas to cross the finish line. The problem a lot of companies and organisations face is that their method of getting ideas to the is unique to them – and why shouldn’t it be? Every company has their own individual process and their own needs, so it makes perfect sense that their idea process needs to fit their individual needs.

Organised process

We find that our clients struggle with adapting to software solutions. They find themselves having to change their processes or shove a square peg in a round hole, forcing their company to adapt around specific capabilities. And while we do tell companies that they have to have space for innovation within their organisation, this doesn’t mean that a company should have to mould completely around a new piece of software or that the initial processes of how the companies do business needs to change.

There are multiple ways our idea management platform gives companies that flexibility. First and foremost, our integration with OneLogin allowing for Single Sign On (SSO) lets companies use their own authentication process to get their employees to login to Idea Spotlight. Furthermore, our customisation options allow us to make our platform look the way you want it. And lastly, with custom workflows and forms, companies are able to create a solution that truly works for them and make an idea process that works. Most other software solutions for idea management involve you working with the software, rather than the software working for you.

If you’d like a bit more information on how Idea Spotlight can work for you, contact us for a demonstration and we’d be glad to discuss how we can help your company harness their best ideas.