Culture for innovation – It’s all about leadership

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Implementing open innovation requires a shift in the mindset and a change in culture. It requires individuals to share their knowledge and to be open to external ideas.
This means that innovation success lies mainly in creating a culture to support it.

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Here at Wazoku, we do believe that corporate culture is the only true competitive advantage. But, to be exploited, it requires a concrete move.
Besides acting as a driver for change, top management is required to take measures aimed towards developing and exploiting innovation activities: a first step is to formally integrate innovation into the strategic-management agenda of senior leaders.
New product development, cost reduction or process improvement are just some of the many possibilities an implementation like that can offer.

The ultimate aim is to turn innovation into a core competence of the corporation.

Increased engagement and social recognition are a growth driver much more powerful than monetary incentives. Surrounded by such a culture, people feel trusted and eager to share what they think and also feel part of the company in terms of risk sharing. They just feel part of the big picture, being their opinions important for the future growth of the entire company and being innovation everyone’s job.

A co-creation platform may be the best solution for you to build a corporate culture about innovation and to effectively engage your employees on a regular basis. Implementing a tailored platform can be really easy and fast, if done through the proper vendor. Such a tool is entirely scalable and can help you grasp your employees’ creativity in an engaging way.

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