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The music business, as any other business, needs to innovate in order to stay alive. It wasn’t that long ago that it was completely revolutionised by the introduction of a disruptive technology, the mp3 file. Most people were no longer interested in amassing large quantities of CDs, preferring the convenience of storing all their music in a hard drive or a music player and making it easily shareable. The music industry resisted this change for a while, until it finally decided to embrace it and now buying mp3 music is the most normal thing in the world.

Connected Ideas_tech

It is then interesting to observe how the way tours are being organized is also changing. Specifically, we’ve read recently that Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl believes that crowdsourcing might be the future of tour planning. It makes perfect sense: by consulting his fanbase, the band will only be playing in places where enough tickets will be sold, which means they can now travel to different places, without the risk of losing money.

Listening to your crowd can help you make better decisions and reduce risk. If the Foo Fighters do it, so can you!