Go beyond your four walls, to capture insight and ideas.

Traditional stakeholder engagement methods such as focus groups, surveys or suggestion boxes can be expensive, time-consuming and inadequate in the digital era. Co-creation Communities from Wazoku allows you to reach your entire crowd, where they are – online.

With Co-creation Communities, your entire ecosystem comes together to collaborate and create the business of tomorrow.


Co-creation Communities drive innovation:

  • Tap into ideas from outside your business to increase innovation capacity and speed
  • Gain new perspectives on your business challenges
  • Stop guesswork and save time by asking the crowd what they really want/need, from new products, services or brand development
  • Co-creation Communities’ ideas flow seamlessly into Wazoku’s Idea Management platform Idea Spotlight
  • Become a leader in your industry by engaging with your ecosystem of communities
  • Real time insights drive real time innovation

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