Co-Creation Communities

Bring your network to you. Power fresh ideas by tapping into your stakeholder ecosystem through a single innovation platform.


Your communities, whether customers, suppliers, distributors or partners, will have new ideas and perspectives that can be harnessed to drive better results – Co-creation Communities brings your communities to you.

Take collaboration beyond your four walls to find ideas for new products, services or brand development. Co-creation Communities enables businesses to collate and centralise all ideas, while showing that they value stakeholder involvement.

Branding & Customisation

Encourage collaboration with all stakeholders by creating a branded experience; set up a specific logo, strapline, header colour and background. You are also given the option of personalising the Co-creation Community URL.

A Secure Environment

Make your Co-creation Community public to engage with a large pool of customers, or entirely private to build a strategic innovation network with confidential information. Manage members and access permissions to make it as open or restricted as required.


Customisable Levels of Access

Three different levels of confidentiality can be set up, depending on who you want to interact with your Co-creation Community. This allows you to decide how much content you want to make public or what should be exclusive to registered members.

Idea Mobility

Ideas captured in Co-creation Communities can flow back to Wazoku’s idea management platform, Idea Spotlight, for internal discussion, assessment and development. Idea Spotlight, with Co-creation Communities, is the only idea management platform that seamlessly supports internal and external innovation on a single platform.

Key Benefits of a Co-Creation Community:

  • Dedicated place for collaboration of external stakeholders to solve specific business challenges

  • Drives more business value from communities by building relationships and trust

  • Enables idea mobility between Co-creation Communities and Idea Spotlight

  • Powers your communities’ ideas

  • Branded and secure contribution portal

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