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While there are many challenges facing the charities sector including problems with cuts and the economic crisis, one of the largest obstacles they face is generating innovative ideas for fundraising. Writing for HW & Fisher, Andy Rich argues, “Amid all the uncertainty surrounding cuts, the one thing that is certain is that fundraising techniques will have to evolve — and fast”. That includes not only delving into social media, but utilising new means of getting donations. Charities should consider innovation management not only a real possibility for themselves but also a great way to meet demands.

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Social media can help charities connect with potential donors and spread the word about their causes, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Once other charities catch wind of the importance of social media, they will become part of the landscape and you may eventually find your voice drowned out amidst a sea of other charities. Sustainable ideas and development of those ideas will mean much more support over the long term.

An innovation management platform gives charities a space to flesh out the best fundraising ideas and organise their efforts towards specific challenges and causes. Long meetings not only create obstacles for organising but they’re also difficult for paid employees and volunteers who may find themselves sitting in a meeting that’s discussing an event or an issue they can’t or aren’t addressing. With idea management, volunteers and employees can log in, submit ideas, discuss ideas, and vote on ideas in their own time. They aren’t restricted by the time and location of in person meetings and you can get a lot more dine as a team with a platform than without a platform.

Not to mention, some of our software components or extensions can make it easier to drum up support for your charity. You can use the consultations or survey extension to poll volunteers, employees, or even service users. With that ability you can create effective reports to present towards big funding organisations or factually demonstrate a demand within a community that your charity addresses. With our competitions add-on you can create a true incentive for funding your charity by creating and hosting a competition. You could even hold a competition for the best idea and develop it on the backend with you and your staff. The possibilities of the software are unlimited.

And with our new G-Cloud certification and extensive security features, you never have to worry about the data on your employees or service users being at risk. We ensure that we meet all levels of security with encrypted logins and UK based server hosting that ensures that your data is protected.

There are a lot of great benefits charities can access using idea management software. During a time of economic difficulty, it will be those charities that innovate and drive themselves to the top that will continue to succeed. Charities can be known for innovative and great ideas. You just need to find those ideas and develop them, and nothing gets you closer towards maximising your idea potential than an innovation management platform.