We’re Featured In The Open Assembly Quarterly

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Wazoku was featured in Open Assembly‘s quarterly report, The State of Crowdsourcing. Get the report to learn: Simon Hill, CEO and Founder, Wazoku, shares, “Every organisation has an army of potential innovators at its disposal—not only its staff, but customers, partners, and suppliers. Engaging them in a meaningful way may be challenging, but this crowdsourcing journey poses an exciting opportunity …

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Wazoku Announces Autumn 2018 Product Release

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London, United Kingdom – 18 October 2018 – Wazoku, a leading idea management platform, announced its Autumn 2018 product release, focused on driving engagement across the platform. Our Autumn release includes many features and enhancements designed to enable our global customer base to further embed idea management across their entire organisation and broader ecosystem. This release incorporates machine learning and …

Seven steps to take towards creating a culture of innovation

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The first Innovation Pioneers tank event brought together a diverse group of participants from corporates, scale-ups and young people. The challenge we set for the day was: How can we create a culture of innovation? Participants from BT, Tesco, Santander and the Ministry of Justice convened with Innovation Pioneers initiator organisations Wazoku, Freeformers and Greater Anglia at the Greater Anglia …


ISS Software GmbH and Wazoku partner to revolutionise the German insurance industry

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ISS Software GmbH and Wazoku are set to transform the German insurance sector by enabling the co-creation of new solutions for insurance organisations for and in collaboration with the wider industry. This partnership takes digital transformation to a new level, making it a collaborative effort of an ecosystem with one common interest – to upgrade the industry, to stay competitive …

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Let’s co-create, Mr Client!

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With new and emerging technologies developing at increasing speed, how do IT suppliers and system integrators best understand how to apply these new tools and methods in their clients’ organisations? A beauty parade no longer cuts it with clients who are looking to their technology partners to help take advantage of this new evolution and create value above and beyond …


Innovation Launchpads – The path to connection

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The path to creation is through collaboration That’s the yoga teacher in me speaking, but it’s true and most innovators will subscribe to this perspective. The more we work together, the more able we are to initiate bigger change. Notably, social innovation and making a positive impact beyond the commercial four walls we work within, let’s face it, is what …


Innovation Theatre – CEO’s we MUST do better

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To all the CEO’s out there who are the conductors of innovation theatre within their organisations and showcase this theatre as your innovation strategy to your teams, your customers, your shareholders. Willing or not. Intentional or not. Known or not. You all can and must do better. Playing innovation theatre as innovation strategy is an abuse of power, a waste …


Delivering an innovation culture shift – the practical point of view

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Right intention, wrong execution. Working with a large enterprise began in the usual way: the Innovation Team in a room discussing their objectives. Early on, however, it was very clear that this journey would fall to the common pitfalls that intuitively seem like the correct answer, but, with more insight, quite clearly hinder the culture shift. The Innovation Team felt …

Engaging a Global Workforce

Innovation doesn’t need to be the next Us vs Them battle

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The world seems to get more polarised every day. In all facets of life, collectively we focus on the extremes setting up an ‘Us v. Them’ battle that is self-defeating and ultimately unproductive. Rather than looking for commonality, as humans we seem determined to see only the differences. This article was originally published through The Future Shapers. We only have …

Fostering Innovation with Technological Solutions – Part 2

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The Apollo program has been called the greatest technological achievement in human history. Apollo stimulated many areas of technology, leading to over 1,800 spinoff products as of 2015. One component of that incredible feat of science and engineering that doesn’t get much attention is LC-39 or Launch Complex 39, the rocket launch site at the John F. Kennedy Space Center …