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For Thinking Out Loud…!

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For today’s blog post we welcome Henry Davies, founder of 106 Communications. “FOR THINKING OUT LOUD…!” The importance of storytelling in helping to foster a culture of innovation. Innovation programmes can scare the hell out of people – even the most outspoken of leaders and colleagues. Because essentially what you are asking people to do is ‘think out loud’ – …

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Successful innovation can be as simple as serving up mac ‘n cheese for dinner

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The word innovation often strikes fear into the hearts of many as it is so often associated with making big, “blue-sky thinking” changes. The kinds of changes which disrupt working life, really challenge the way we approach whatever field we work in, and often at great financial expense. But as my colleague Jon discussed last week in his post Government …

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On Employee Engagement – can it be improved?

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Recently we have come across an article on “Department of Finance”, where the author Ethan Macey posits that it’s impossible to consistently increase employee engagement. He says that the engagement you get is from employees who would always be engaged, regardless of any activities an organisation puts out there to increase it. Everyone else is and always will be hopelessly …


What is the Future of the High Street Bank?

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What is the future of the high street bank? High-street banks are having a tough old time. Early last year, Barclays announced thousands of job cuts. This came after Santander revealed will close all 139 agencies in rural and suburban areas in the UK, and Lloyds’ closure of more than 200 branches from 2014. Gemalto said in a recent report of over …

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Government Digital Services: building up the blocks of incremental innovation

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The UK government often gets a bad rap when it comes to launching new services or updating technology. Its Universal Credit programme, the biggest overhaul of the benefits system since the 1940s, being the most recent. It’s already taken 4 years and £700 million to get to where it currently stands, and earlier this month it was suggested that it …

Are you innovating in the long term?

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The current drive for agility pushes businesses and brands towards short term thinking and immediacy, but how long is this system sustainable for? Everything is fast paced, smaller and more and more ephemeral, not really helping our ever shrinking attention spans. Due to this, businesses are finding it even harder to maintain consumer’s attention. Meaningful Brands has some interesting information about …


How corporate entrepreneurship helps employee engagement

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It is a worrying fact that in today’s modern age, employee engagement is slipping. Be it the increasing size of the average business, or the ever-expanding distraction of modern technology, the causes seems unavoidable and the consequences are concerning. Deloitte recently completed a massive study of human capital trends around the world, measuring over 2500 major organisations across 94 different countries. The results, …


Bringing the Jigsaw pieces together to create retail success

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I read a fascinating interview with Peter Ruis, CEO of Jigsaw in the last issue of the Mail on Sunday – courtesy of @NeilCraven – outlining his corporate culture strategy for the year ahead. He feels “creating a sense of belonging” and ensuring staff are “given ownership of the company” and are “able to share in the fruits of any …