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The Changing Face of Currency

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London is a well-known centre for technology and innovation, but it is quickly becoming a development hub for alternate currencies and reformatting the structure of the banking system.  One of the most exciting digital innovations to be backed from London is the digital currency Bitcoin. City institutions including the   Bank of England, Barclays, UBS and Goldman Sachs are all reportedly …

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Idea Spotlight and Parallel Challenges

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All of us here at Wazoku are excited to announce the introduction of parallel challenges to Idea Spotlight. We are always looking for ways to continue to improve, and allowing our customers and users more flexibility in their platforms is just one of the ways that we look to achieve this. We understand that everyone faces different challenges, which is …


The Connected Enterprise – Office 365 and Wazoku, a truly great idea!

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Over the past six or so months we have been working hard on a very exciting project here at Wazoku HQ. A few weeks ago the first phase of that project was released to the world and I wanted to spend a bit of time talking about it and its significance. A bit of background: Microsoft’s Office 365 product suite …

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The Key To Sustainable Innovation

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Innovation is the lifeblood of a company – it drives business growth, can increase market share, and also drive your company to find new fields of expertise.  But to enter new markets and continuously grow with new and competitively differentiated products, companies can no longer rely on ad hoc innovation processes and accidental innovation. To fuel the kind of innovation …

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Can innovation be taught? Yes.

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Each generation has a few common characteristics and there is a lot that has been said already about millennials. It’s a well-known fact that millennials are at a great advantage in modern days, when compared to previous generations such as Baby-Boomers or Gen Xers. Millennials are native technology users, have an ingrained sense of “having something to say” and self-worth. …


Innovation Through Simplification

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When some think of innovation, they think of adding new ideas, creating new processes, and changing the processes of what we currently do. However, one thing to remember is that innovation doesn’t have to always be about steaming forward into the unknown; sometimes the innovations that can make a big difference are overlooked because they’re ticking along behind the scenes. …