Do you have to be a start-up to be a disruptor?

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Can established corporations be disruptive, too? It is possible to achieve what these disruptive organisations have? Yes – as long as they are clear in their mission. As Richard Branson said, “Disruption is not about advertising for your brand; it’s about where you want your brand to go, and how to get there.” The size and origins of a brand …


Building a high-growth scale up – What we learned from Upscale 4.0

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For 6 months in 2019, Wazoku was fortunate enough to be one of a cohort of 30 companies on the awesome Upscale programme, run by Technation UK. Having recently graduated from this programme I wanted to share some of my key learnings from it. The reassurance of 30 businesses all in a similar stage of scale up It might sound …


Idea management – driving workforce empowerment and bottom-up innovation

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Tracking and measuring results – any innovation programme, whether bottom-up or otherwise, needs to be tracked and measured effectively. An organisation should put in place targets, totals and outputs, so it can understand the metrics and make refinements and enhancements to the innovation programme where necessary. An idea management platform can make reporting on innovation simple. Smart software can track …

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Daily improvements are innovation, here’s how

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Innovation is a necessity across all sectors and industries, and in an ever-changing competitive landscape, businesses are under more pressure than ever to showcase innovative outcomes. Incremental innovation involves making small scale improvements that can be implemented daily (or short-term) to existing processes, products or services. There are opportunities exist everywhere across all aspects of every business, to do things …

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Implementing Innovative Ideas in The Conservative Environment of A Large Corporation

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Businesses know they must innovate to survive. Some companies are, some people within those companies are and others have unbeknownst innovative ideas tucked away. The real question as a large corporation is: how can we take advantage of these ideas and the depth of knowledge inside the minds of employees, partners or the wider business ecosystem? Many enterprises, although heavily …


Together with Wazoku helping to improve mental health and wellbeing for all

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Each year Wazoku chooses a charity partner to work with that affects the people in our business in some way or shape, as part of our corporate sustainable responsibility (CSR) strategy. In the past we have worked with MS Society, and Prince’s Trust and most recently, Together for Mental Wellbeing.


How we cultivate sustainability and help our customers do the same

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At Wazoku the tools and processes we recommend to our customers when generating ideas or solving business challenges are the same we adopt internally. Balbu, is what we’ve branded our own idea management platform instance in our organisation. We use Balbu to run internal competitions, test and develop product features and improve operational and business processes to name a few.


The Architecture of Innovation

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Architecture is a fine balance of creativity and reality. That is, Architects must be creative within the constraints which they live. Applying that concept to building an innovation framework within your organisation is no different. Understanding your environment and resources is crucial when determining what will work well and how far you can push the boundaries. Going too “weird” may …