Building A Culture of Innovation – What are you waiting for? – with Owen James Events

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Let’s talk about building a culture of EveryDay innovation. It’s one of our favourite topics, not just because I’ve written a book on it but because it really matters. As leaders, we have to be thinking about innovation at a cultural level as we seek to evolve our organisations to become next generation businesses. Oh, and just to be clear, getting this right delivers game-changing, business transforming results. And, so why wouldn’t we want to talk about it!

The reality is it’s an easy subject to talk about because business leaders really ‘get’ the importance of innovation as a transformative power. As highlighted in Wazoku’s Everyday innovation report, 85% of executives see innovation as delivering cost savings as well as improving the customer experience. Or how about the BPI innovation report in which 79% revealed that their commitment to innovation was either already very high or growing.

So, if it’s that great, why aren’t more businesses actually grasping the nettle and transforming themselves; setting innovation at the core of every process, every belief, every behaviour and ultimately, at the heart of organisational culture? Is it because talking is easy? After all, rather than acknowledging the real need for change, building castles in the air and dreaming of future successes is a fairly pleasant way to pass the time in a board meeting, isn’t it. Almost three years ago now I quoted statistics to the effect that the majority of board members agreed that innovation was more talked about than actioned and little has changed in the intervening years.

Talk without action = well let’s not go there! Having shared a stage at the last Owen James Meeting of Minds conference with the always engaging Martin Butler he said far more eloquently than us… “are you a walker or a talker.”

Perhaps the reason why you have yet to build a culture of innovation is simply down to inertia. Let’s face it, review after review has put the underlying reason for business scandals down to poor culture; the FCA, the FRC, the CBI, other regulatory bodies and government have called on businesses to review and strengthen their culture, and yet 58% have not initiated a culture change programme of any kind within the last five years.

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