Everyday innovation_5 pillars

Bringing Shop Floor Ideas To Life

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Getting ideas from the shop floor to being adopted company-wide requires the right culture, process and communication in place. From our recent report – Everyday Innovation, we established five key aspects to measure the maturity of your innovation efforts. These are Culture, Leadership, Management, Strategy and Process & Tools.

Whilst this lays the groundwork for understanding innovation in the workplace a little more, how do you measure how well you’re innovating if you don’t know what you’re measuring against?

Everyday innovation_5 pillars

Benchmarking to identify gaps and set goals

Companies from all different industries use benchmarking to gauge their successes and pinpoint their shortcomings.

Understanding where your organisation currently is in terms of its innovation maturity and identifying shortcomings is the starting point to developing a culture which fully embraces innovation and gets ideas from the shop floor to being a reality.

Last week Wazoku launched the first global innovation maturity scale. Businesses using Innovation Pulse are seeking to embed a high-performing culture of innovation. By benchmarking across industries and job roles, gaps can be identified and goals set for improvements.

The first tool for global innovation benchmarking

Innovation Pulse is the first point in company-wide assessments of innovation maturity. Overview of the tool:

  • Works as a series of targeted questions and statements designed to identify innovation gaps

  • Enables you and up to 20 colleagues to enter their input

  • Collates and scores results based off the five maturity pillars of innovation

  • Benchmarks your results

  • Provides a results dashboard to share across your organisation

  • Enables comparison with the annual global report from Wazoku.

Find out more about the scale