Breakfast Briefing with Aviva Innovation Highlights

wazoku Blog

At the end of November we hosted another Breakfast Briefing, this time with Richard Wilkinson, Innovation Manager at Aviva as the speaker.

The theme was set loosely around innovation – Richard explained a few different ideas on innovation, what it means to different people, how the idea of innovation can change depending where you are geographically, as well as a few thoughts on Aviva’s experience in managing innovation.

The barriers to innovation were also mentioned, which is something that anyone working in innovation can recognise and identify with. The solution to this challenge is to remind everyone that when considering something new, the customer should always be at the centre of everything. That said, it is the experience at Aviva (a multinational company), that customer’s needs are often the same, regardless of the market you are in.

Another theme that was mentioned was that customers don’t behave in the same way they did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Today’s customers want organisations to simplify their lives and be treated like an individual and not a number. They want to be able to pick the exact features on a product and feel like they are in control of the purchase process. (We have discussed the relationship between millennials and customer service with more detail in a previous blog post).

Richard also discussed the evolution of their innovation programme, the Aviva Customer Cup and how Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight has been instrumental in reducing the amount of of admin as well as bringing colleagues from several markets together.