Wazoku Wins: UK Business Tech Awards 2023

By Michael Watkins

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Today, Wazoku is celebrating a well-deserved victory at the UK Business Tech Awards 2023, clinching the prestigious title of ‘Tech Company of the Year’ in the small businesses category. This triumph marks a significant milestone for Wazoku, recognizing the organization’s outstanding contributions and commitment to technological excellence.

The UK Business Tech Awards are a testament to the thriving tech ecosystem, acknowledging the companies and individuals pushing the boundaries of innovation. In the ‘Tech Company of the Year – Small’ category, Wazoku stood out, showcasing dedication to driving positive innovation outcomes through technology.

“It’s always brilliant to be nominated for awards like this, which makes winning them extra special. Coming out on top in this category was a big achievement, and the fact that the panel ultimately chose us as the winner shows just how well regarded Wazoku is. It’s also a testament to all the hard work that the entire Wazoku team has put into driving the company forward, both in the last year and over our entire history.”
// Schønning Eysturoy – Director of Customer Accounts at Wazoku

At the core of Wazoku’s success is a unique approach to idea management and innovation. Alongside expertise built on 20+ years’ experience at the forefront of the innovation space, we also provide cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to harness the collective intelligence of their teams, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity. Wazoku’s commitment to helping businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape has undoubtedly contributed to the recognition at these awards.

The accolade not only highlights Wazoku’s current achievements but also underscores the potential of our technology, in the hands of our customers, to shape the future of innovation. In an era where small tech companies play a crucial role in driving industry evolution, Wazoku’s win further solidifies our position as a key player in the innovation landscape.

Wazoku’s triumph at the UK Business Tech Awards 2023 is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and impact of our work on the tech landscape. As the company continues to push boundaries and shape the future of innovation, this recognition serves as both a validation of past accomplishments and a motivation for future endeavors.

By Michael Watkins

Michael is Wazoku's Product and Brand Marketing lead. Away from the office, he's our resident film buff, so if you want some recommendations for a night in front of Netflix or a trip to your local cinema, get in touch with him!