Wazoku Webinars: A new slate of sessions for July!

By Anna Howell

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Join us for this exclusive series of webinars throughout July! We will be looking at exciting progress the Wazoku product has seen in 2023 so far, as well as offering an exclusive look at upcoming projects during the next six months.

The webinars will cover a series of topics including our Microsoft Teams integration, boosting the Challenge experience on the platform, and how the platform has been used to identify new technologies which benefit the NHS.

13/07/2023: Product Roadmap – July 2023

In this webinar, we will hear exclusive news from Rosemarie Diegnan, Chief Product and Customer Officer who will be divulging important updates about allowing anonymity in idea submission. This will involve exciting updates to our MS Teams integration and new functionality.

During the webinar we will also be expanding on previously released elements and introducing some big products we are currently working on. We will continue by looking at wider updates including: a new Scouting model and a complete overhaul of idea evaluation. These updates will all be aimed at boosting the overall Challenge experience on the platform

20/07/2023: Industry Innovators: Using Wazoku in Healthcare with the WMAHSN

In this webinar, we will hear from Wazoku Innovation Consultant Roselyn Uleh and representatives from the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network: Tammy Holmes, Joanne Mewis and Amy Kooner.

We will be hearing exciting new updates about the successful launch of a bespoke, highly effective Scouting system. The presenters will explore the story of WMAHSN’s work using Wazoku to successfully identify start-ups and new technologies in order to benefit the NHS.

Join us to discover how the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network has leveraged the Wazoku platform to introduce nearly 50 invaluable, brand-new technologies into the organization in just 2 years.

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In this blog, we have shared the planned webinars that Wazoku will hold throughout July 2023. Beginning with our quarterly Product Roadmap this week, we will then continue our ‘Industry Innovators’ series with the WMAHSN on 20th July. We look forward to seeing you there!