Wazoku to visit Transforme, our Latin American Platinum Partner

By Schønning Eysturoy

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Wazoku and Chilean Innovation Management pioneers Transforme have been partners since 2019, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an in-person visit has not been possible until now. Below, our Director of Customer Accounts Schønning Eysturoy looks forward to the trip with Transforme, a Platinum Partner of Wazoku, and discusses some of the exciting events that he’ll be co-hosting next week in Santiago, Chile.

Chile is ranked as the most innovative country in Latin America, a continent that is ramping up its focus on innovation as a whole. This is why Wazoku chose to focus on the region a few years ago, and how our platinum partnership with Transforme came about.

Transforme was a natural partner choice for Wazoku, as it is the leading innovation consultancy in the region. It’s a business that has consistently demonstrated its experience and expertise in working with some of the biggest organizations in Latin America. Together with Wazoku, it now supports Principal, Esval, Inchalam, and others on their innovation programs.  

I am immensely excited to visit them in-person next week. The first stop of my trip will be at the Transforme office, where I will meet the entire team there and, together with Founder and Managing Partner Guillermo Beuchat, will officially sign our Platinum Partnership agreement.  

Following this, I will have the opportunity to meet all of our mutual clients at a breakfast event. Here, we will discuss their innovation programs, see what they are working on, and explore how Wazoku can further support them in achieving their objectives. These events are always rewarding as it removes the formality of the business environment, and allows for a more free-flowing conversation.

On Thursday, we are hosting an open innovation event for our wider network at WeWork. While there, I’ll be presenting the Wazoku Crowd and the Innovation_360 Suite, reinforcing what we have been talking about for the last two decades: that anyone, given the right tools and the right culture, can be an innovator. 

My final visit will be at the Center for Innovation at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University and throughout Chile as a whole. By facilitating meetings, networks, and promoting joint ventures between academia, the private, and the public sector, it’s no wonder that Chile enjoys such a rich tradition of being at the forefront of Latin American innovation.  

I very much appreciate the effort that Transforme has put into my visit and I can’t wait to meet the team, clients, and the wider innovation networks next week. It’s sure to be a learning experience for us all, and I can’t wait to return to London, reinvigorated by the conversations and insights that will come from this trip.

By Schønning Eysturoy

Schønning has been at Wazoku for nearly 8 years, consistently going above and beyond for his customer accounts. When he's not in the office, he loves to travel, and has already visited more than 70 countries around the world!