Wazoku launches open data Challenge to global crowd

By Michael Watkins

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In this blog, we look at a Challenge that aims to find more effective ways for local governments to use public data to inform decision-making. To register for this Challenge, click here!

The Wazoku Crowd is the leading open talent crowd, having secured a world-first accreditation from the Center for the Transformation of Work in 2022. Challenges that tackle some of the biggest problems facing businesses are run to this Crowd of problem solvers every day.

The age of data is upon us. There is no dispute about that. All over the world, institutions are reviewing how they can more effectively use the data they generate. Whether this informs how to market products, distribute services, or improve lives across the globe, these decisions are all being informed by data.

Recognizing this fact, Microsoft, HP, LinkedIn, R2 Factory, UK Power Networks, NWG, and GitHub have come together to form the Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP), a world-first collaboration which aims to improve the access and outcomes of open data.

What is open data?

Open data is defined as: “data that can be freely used, re-used, and redistributed by anyone – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share alike.”

Essentially, this means that any information that is publicly accessible (at no more than a reasonable cost) and downloadable can be classified as open. It is free for everyone to use, avoiding discrimination against persons or groups of people.

Why is data openness important?

The reason why the IDSP is focusing on open data is that it allows organizations to co-create, collaborate, and innovate together: using data streams that they all have visibility over.

While many in the private sector keep data, well…private, the IDSP is radically changing how it uses data – and who it is shared with.

The Challenge

One of the first steps for the partnership to take is the release of the Data for Local Environments Challenge. Run in partnership with the Open Data Institute and hosted on Wazoku, this Challenge aims to improve how local governments can leverage public data to better inform decision making.

The awarded Solvers – you must be part of a team to participate – will win a share of the $100,000 USD prize pot for their efforts.

In this blog, we’ve discussed the issue of open data and outlined what the IDSP are trying to use this resource for. We’ve introduced the Challenge, outlined some of the requirements, and explained how you can get involved.

The world will rely on open data to inform decision making over the next century, at least. By taking part in this Wazoku Crowd Challenge, you have the opportunity to shape that future for the benefit of us all.


By Michael Watkins

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