Wazoku is attending North Star Dubai!

By Simon Hill

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Getting the opportunity to meet up, connect, and collaborate with leaders in the innovation space is one of the highlights of my job. It’s something that in the last couple of years, for fairly obvious reasons that we don’t want to revisit, has been made virtually impossible. The return of in-person events in 2021 brought with it a renewed sense of hope and energy in the innovation industry as a whole. As I prepare to attend this year’s North Star event in Dubai, I can’t wait to see how this has been channelled into the work of the world’s foremost innovative businesses.

Wazoku will arrive at North Star this year with a similar feeling of rebirth. Having completed the integration of the awesome legacy of InnoCentive into our business, the Wazoku Crowd represents an exciting new chapter for global idea crowdsourcing. Our Innovation_360 suite, coupled with our new Advanced Analytics capability, allows us to show businesses what we’ve been telling them for so long: that anyone can be an innovator. With an operating system that genuinely allows you to do it all, Wazoku is the strongest it has ever been.

While in Dubai, I’m speaking on a panel that is focused on SMEs and start-ups. This couldn’t have come at a better time for us, having just acquired the brilliant new Danish start-up Mindpool literally last month. The new dimension that this impressive new business can bring to Wazoku makes for an exciting addition to our offering. Throughout Wazoku’s history, we’ve prided ourselves on walking the walk, not just talking the talk when it comes to continuous innovation: and this acquisition is simply the latest evidence of that.

Finally, during the conference, I’m looking forward to connecting with all of our customers in the UAE region. Seeing what they’re working on, understanding what their hurdles are, and discussing how Wazoku can support them in overcoming these obstacles is the essence of what we do. North Star also provides an exciting opportunity to connect with more organizations – so if you see me there, please reach out. Every success we’ve had has started with a conversation. I feel confident that Wazoku can unlock potential in every business, no matter their size, scope, industry focus, or location.

I look forward to seeing you there!

By Simon Hill

As CEO and Founder of Wazoku, Simon has been the driving force behind the business since the very beginning. When the gaps in his busy schedule appear, Simon loves to cycle, even completing London to Devon and London and Bristol bike rides in the last few years!