Wazoku Events Recap – January-March 2024

By Michael Watkins

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As we step into the second quarter of 2024, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the dynamic series of events that Wazoku has been a part of already this year. Each event offered unique insights, fostered meaningful discussions, and created avenues for future collaborations. Let’s delve into the highlights and look at the impact they’ve had.

Italy Connect Event (February)

Kicking off the year with the Italy Connect event in February, Wazoku set the stage for an engaging day of networking and workshopping with our esteemed customers, including notable names like A2A and Gruppo Iren. The event was a testament to our commitment to fostering close relationships with our clients and understanding their needs in depth. The interactive sessions allowed us to delve into the challenges and opportunities within the Italian market, setting a collaborative tone for the year ahead.

Total Innovation: The Saudi Arabia Summit on Unlocking Innovation (March)

March brought us to the heart of the Middle East with the Total Innovation: The Saudi Arabia Summit on Unlocking Innovation. This was our first foray into exploring the burgeoning innovation landscape in Saudi Arabia. The summit proved to be a fertile ground for sparking conversations and laying the groundwork for potential partnerships in the region. The enthusiasm and openness to innovation among the attendees were palpable, marking the beginning of what we anticipate being a long and fruitful engagement with the innovation ecosystem in the Middle East.

Pioneering Partnerships: The Johannesburg Summit on Innovation Ecosystems (March)

Almost concurrently, the Pioneering Partnerships: The Johannesburg Summit on Innovation Ecosystems unfolded in South Africa. Mirroring the collaborative spirit of the Italy Connect event, this summit allowed us to engage in profound discussions on ecosystems and culture with clients such as Old Mutual and Investec. The dialogue emphasized the importance of nurturing innovation ecosystems that can support and accelerate the growth of businesses in the region.

AD Stretch (March)

AD Stretch was another highlight of March, offering a unique platform to connect with forward-thinking business leaders through our collaboration with Avery Dennison. The event underscored the importance of stretching our imagination and strategies to meet the evolving demands of the business landscape. It was an enriching experience that broadened our perspective on the role of innovation in driving business success.

Worcestershire County Council – Business Conference 2024 (March)

The Worcestershire County Council – Business Conference 2024 saw Wazoku’s CEO, Simon Hill, delivering the keynote speech to a gathering of business leaders from the area. Simon’s insights into the future of innovation and how businesses can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world resonated with the audience, sparking lively discussions and new ideas.

Book Launch: Open Talent – Leveraging the Global Workforce to Solve Your Biggest Challenges (March)

March also marked a significant milestone with the launch of the book “Open Talent: Leveraging the Global Workforce to Solve Your Biggest Challenges.” This event, a collaboration with best-selling author John Winsor, was our first hybrid event, offering both in-person and online participation. The key note presentation, followed by a Q&A session, provided deep insights into the concept of open talent and how organizations stand to gain from it as a force multiplier – but only if they get it right!

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on these events, it’s clear that Wazoku is not just a participant but a catalyst for innovation across different regions and sectors. The diversity of topics and geographies covered in these events reflects our commitment to fostering a global innovation community. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to continuing to drive meaningful conversations and collaborations throughout the rest of 2024 and beyond.

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By Michael Watkins

Michael is Wazoku's Product and Brand Marketing lead. Away from the office, he's our resident film buff, so if you want some recommendations for a night in front of Netflix or a trip to your local cinema, get in touch with him!