Wazoku Earns Trusted Platform Accreditation from the Center for the Transformation of Work

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BOULDER, Colo. and LONDON – Apr. 19, 2022 – The Center for the Transformation of Work (CTW) today awarded Wazoku, the prestigious “Trusted Platform Provider” certification, making it the first to achieve this important open talent industry accreditation. The CTW’s Trusted Platform Provider distinction includes a rigorous in-depth analysis of a platform’s business standards and technology roadmap, as well as extensive client and talent feedback gathered through interviews and use case examples.

“We are delighted to be the first innovation platform to receive this award,” said Simon Hill, founder of Wazoku. “Since our inception, Wazoku has been committed to changing the world, one idea at a time. The CTW’s accreditation process has helped us on our journey to being the platform of choice for the most challenging problems for our enterprises and the most rewarding one for our global solver community.”

The CTW, working with Defiant Solutions LLC as a consulting partner, established the Trusted Platform Provider accreditation to advance the standards of, and evaluate and engage, open talent platforms based on the depth of services, level of technology and amount of trust and transparency demonstrated with clients and community members. Best practices and industry standards developed empower existing and emerging platforms to scale and succeed through the establishment of industry criteria and benchmarks that properly support the next generation of workforce technologies.

“The CTW believes that all platform organizations, whether they are talent marketplaces or crowdsourcing providers, should achieve a level of service excellence and transparency to earn the trust of enterprise clients and the valued talent that powers their offerings,” said John Healy, managing partner for the CTW. “We’re honored for Wazoku to be our first accredited platform. Its efforts demonstrate the platform’s commitment to global problem solvers.”

Forward thinking providers of open talent solutions, like Wazoku, understand the integral role they play to advance the future of work, which is in direct alignment with the CTW’s mission of transforming work for a billion people by 2025. For more information on the Trusted Platform Provider accreditation program and process, visit transformationofwork.org


About Open Assembly | The Center for the Transformation of Work

Open Assembly, the global authority on the open talent economy, founded the Center for the Transformation of Work, a not-for-profit community of knowledge workers, talent marketplaces, employers, influencers and service providers working together to make using digital talent platforms a more valid, sustainable and acceptable way of working. The mission of the CTW is to transform work for one billion people by 2025 by increasing the adoption of open work processes through standardization, transparency, inclusivity, information security, metrics, adoption maturity, worker benefits and worker sustainability. Visit open-assembly.com to learn more.

About Wazoku

Wazoku’s Enterprise Innovation Platform includes idea management, open innovation, and a range of innovation consulting services. The platform is powered by Wazoku’s proprietary challenge-driven innovation methodology for innovation at scale. The company helps global organizations including AstraZeneca, HSBC, NASA, and Waitrose to connect and interact with employees, clients, and the rest of the world to generate fresh ideas as part of a larger innovation strategy. Visit wazoku.com to learn more.

About Defiant Solutions LLC

Defiant Solutions LLC is a boutique consultancy focused on helping open talent platforms and the enterprises that engage them transform how work gets done. Leveraging a distributed team of over 17,000 professionals and more than two decades experience as a thought leader in the open talent ecosystem, the Defiant Solutions team is proud to be the primary consulting partner to the CTW in supporting the Trusted Platform Accreditation and the CTW global mission.

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Wazoku is an innovation SaaS business that helps some of the world’s biggest organizations to innovate at scale. Whether it’s making the most of your employee's ideas, identifying new partners to collaborate with, or exploring the boundless potential of open innovation – or all three! – Wazoku makes innovation happen.