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Wazoku, a leading idea management platform, announced its Winter 2019 product release full of features and tools to save administrators time and support innovation at scale across organisations. “More and more organisations use idea management across the business for a wide range of use cases, from improving existing products & services and internal processes, to managing change & transformation projects and launching disruptive new products and business models.” said Rosemarie Diegnan, Chief Strategy & Product Officer for Wazoku. “We have worked with our customers to understand how to support this expansion while still allowing them to maintain a consistent process and quality of ideas across the business and keep their crowds engaged.”


Wazoku product release update:


Leverage more of your corporate memory with enhanced Spotlight.ai tools

Building on the existing suite of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing tools, Spotlight.ai now goes deeper to use the full context of content – descriptive text, textual attachments, full comment threads and linked content – to identify relationships between the content and build a relationship matrix so Ideas live and benefit the organisation forever.


Spotlight.ai highlights the hidden connections individuals cannot or do not find through manual processes. Whether this is through seeding a new Challenge with existing Ideas to jumpstart crowd creativity, providing the background for how emerging technology is already being leveraged or sharing best practices across a disparate organisation. Rather than attempting to select the best or even the preferred Idea, Spotlight.ai processes all content, even content that may have been previously rejected, has value to an organisation.


Simplified admin to focus on results

To achieve innovation at scale and leverage the living library of Ideas, organisation’s must be able to reliably support decentralised administration of innovation challenges. Idea Spotlight’s enhanced admin tools makes it simple to build a centralised collection of Template Challenges, with everything from capture forms and workflows predefined, that are consistent with organisational structures and procedures. This means that business leaders across the organisation are empowered to launch and manage their own Challenges without overburdening a centralised admin staff. Reducing the time it takes to launch a Challenge encourages business leaders to engage more frequently which keeps the content fresh and encourages greater collaboration by creators and contributors.


Keep the crowd engaged and collaborating

We are re-imagining the user experience, starting with the registration and login process. This is the first experience users, particularly external audiences, have with the platform. To help build engagement from the start, we’ve added more customisation options to the look & feel and messaging on the login page; a more simplified the journey from registration and access makes it seamless for every user to sign up and start contributing.


Once users are logged into the platform, driving collaboration is made simpler with a new comment thread experience. New comments, even if buried in a long thread, now default to the top to make sure no contributions are lost. Threaded conversations are sorted chronologically to read more like a true conversation.


Contact us for more information or to see a demo of the platform.

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