Wazoku Announces Spring 2020 Product Release

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Wazoku, a leading innovation and idea management platform, announced its Spring 2020 product release with features designed to get the right ideas in front of the right people at the right moment.

“Keeping the innovation pipeline running smoothly can be like trying to manage a public transportation system in a large city. Businesses need to make sure that ideas are smoothly getting to their destination. They need to have readily available insight and data to analyse what’s happening in their organisation and highlight roadblocks to be addressed,” said Rosemarie Diegnan, CS&PO, Co-founder, Wazoku. “We’ve built valuable functionality to better report data around innovation programmes, developed more connected workflows for ideas to move seamlessly between pipelines and streamlined user access via single sign-on and our Mobile App in.”

Here are some of the highlights of our Spring product release:

Dig deep or go broad in understanding your idea funnel

To better understand and analyse the data surrounding a team or organisation’s innovation pipeline, reports now cover specialised data points, such as social activity or idea evaluation. They can be generated across single or multiple Challenges or communities to shed light on specific areas of the business or certain aspects of innovation, and users can filter data by date, category or other criteria to get only the information that’s most useful for the specific question that’s being asked.

See the impact of ideas

We’ve introduced additional visualisations to our dashboards so that businesses can see the impact of ideas by the measurable outcomes that have been set (e.g. cost savings, environmental benefits), including breakeven status and more flexibility to track impact over idea lifecycles. This provides a clearer picture of the value of ideas and innovation to the business and provides direction for areas of focus by highlighting how and where most successful outcomes are achieved.

Get ideas in the right place at the right moment

This Spring, we’ve added functionality to enable relocation of ideas in client platforms for a more connected and flexible workflow, surfacing relevant ideas to the right people at the right moment. Users can now seamlessly move an idea from one Challenge to another that may be more applicable. It’s also possible to copy ideas to different challenges, for example if an idea can be developed along multiple pathways to solve diverse problems or in order to take advantage of input from an open external community, as well as simultaneously harnessing the knowledge of internal teams. Users can fluidly map data fields to ensure that all vital idea information remains intact to get most benefits from proposed solutions.

Quickly access ideas on the move with our Mobile App

Following the launch of our Ideas Mobile App we’ve made further updates to ensure ideas can be submitted on the go. For additional security we’ve added biometric authentication and can now support additional languages including Welsh. Next, we’ll be working on managing Challenges through the App as well as enabling deeper functionality on ideas including user evaluation.

Contact us for more information or to see a demo of the platform.

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