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Wazoku, a leading idea management platform, announced its Autumn 2019 product release with features designed to surface the right ideas, with the most relevant information, to the right people at the right time. “Ideas have a rhythm and you need the right information and the right people to harmonise for the rhythm to flow and the ideas to flourish. This can be a challenge for anyone,” said Rosemarie Diegnan, Chief Strategy & Product Officer for Wazoku. “We’ve worked closely with our customers to build tools that allow them to estimate and validate potential outcomes, engage advisors and subject matter experts earlier in the process and give more flexibility in how they target recommendations.


Here are some of the highlights of our Autumn product release:


Measure the value of ideas across your organisation


Organisations have a wide range of business, product and strategic goals they’re trying to meet. These objectives have important financial metrics, but there are also other targets such as sustainability, diversity or employee satisfaction that are essential to the continued growth and success of the business. As teams gather new ideas and embark on new innovation projects, quantifying the value of these projects against the measurable business goals help teams prioritise the right projects and get buy-in from senior stakeholders.


Idea Spotlight’s Outcomes functionality enables business leaders to track the value of ideas across the organisation. From initial submission through final implementation, you can link the value of ideas to concrete metrics around money, time and other resources. Enable idea creators and teams to refine the estimated value and cost of ideas as they progress with the capability to track initial and validated estimates against actual results. Analytics and visualisations demonstrate the value of individual and collective ideas to senior stakeholders, executives and the greater organisation.


Collect ideas on the go – both online and offline – with our mobile Idea App


It’s hard to predict when inspiration will strike – and some of the best and most valuable ideas can come from staff in the field or on the go, or in quiet times when they are sitting on a train or plane. With the new Wazoku Idea App for both Android and iOS, users can browse Challenges and view, submit and comment on ideas from anywhere – even while offline – to ensure that ideas and feedback are captured whenever and wherever inspiration comes. Never again lose an idea or opportunity to help develop an idea because you are on the go or lost your connection.


Collaborate with the right people at the right time


Ideas can be easy to generate – but they must be nurtured, developed and implemented. The process of developing an idea, building it out and then evaluating it to see whether it has real potential is impossible in a silo, but often there are subject matter experts scattered throughout an organisation that have the knowledge, experience or expertise needed to bring the idea to life.


With Idea Spotlight’s new Private Comment Channels, collaboration is made easy as Challenge Managers and team members can create private channels for specific groups of people for brainstorming and discussion. Encourage teams to invite advisors to validate or challenge assumptions or ask subject matter experts to provide insight before deciding whether an idea is ready for evaluation or needs more development or thought – ensuring that the right stakeholders are being engaged at the right time.


Connect People, Ideas and Problems


Coming up with ideas can be easy – but making sure that they’re targeted around your specific problems and objectives can be difficult. Our new Idea to User recommendations use natural language processing and machine learning to automatically surface relevant ideas to users based on all of the content and communities they interact with, ensuring they are exposed to ideas across the platform.


With advanced Recommendation Engine settings, Challenge Managers and Admins can encourage targeted recommendations, matching problems to approved and viable solutions, ensuring the organisation is truly learning and benefiting from its collective wisdom, or broad recommendations to drive collaboration across teams and divisions to eliminate duplicative projects.




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