The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020

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Forrester Reveals The 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management

“Wazoku has a differentiating vision for idea sharing and innovation collaboration.”

Wazoku featured as one of the 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management in  “The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020”.

In February 2020, Forrester published the 2020 Forrest Wave, a review of the global Innovation Management sector. After months of analysis, they identified the 13 most significant vendors, including Wazoku.

Their observations of Wazoku include:

Its offering help clients develop and share ideas between internal and externally focused innovation communities across geographic regions and in different languages, with strong collaboration tools built in. Its platform offers a number of prebuilt applications for continuous improvement, disruptive ideation, incubation, and business planning. We found its user experience intuitive, and we thought its new client on-boarding process and lifetime customer service manager for each client was spot on. The platform is built from the ground up on its own production-grade APIs and features prebuilt integrations with leading enterprise tools. Its vision of a global repository for ideas that can be resurfaced over time, linked, and developed was also differentiating.”

The report observes “many businesses turn to innovation management solutions because innovation initiatives based on communication and collaboration tools like Google for Work, Jive, Slack, SharePoint or Quip have inherent limits for driving innovation. These tools support ongoing conversations, but do not offer the features to support workflow-driven idea management, let alone innovation consulting”.

Wazoku are proud to integrate deeply with many of these solutions, offering our customers the best of both worlds. Our integration partners include Microsoft (Office365, SharePoint etc), Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Box, Dropbox, and more.

Forrester state that the updated 2020 report was in response to the fact ‘the innovation management market has changed drastically’.  They considered the following criteria in their analysis of vendors’ current offerings:

  • Support for Innovation Management Accounting:Targeting
    Business Planning
    CommercializationEcosystem Empowerment & Expansion:Startups
    Academia & Government
    Ecosystem & Community Empowerment

    Emerging Technologies & Tracking:

    Identify & Track

The results explained:

Wazoku scored the top score, defined as, “Superior capabilities relative to others included in this evaluation, including comprehensive next generation features such as cost and benefit analysis, dependency analysis, strategic alignment and customer validation.  Vendor offers deep professional services, partnerships and brings access to an innovation network through its platform to accelerate client’s ability to build business plans”, in the following areas:

  • Business planning
  • Collaboration experience
  • Integration
  • Execution roadmap
  • Commercial model

Areas identified for potential development by Wazoku are:

  • Start-ups: How does the platform help clients engage the start-up world

Wazoku comment: Our combined offering with InnoCentive was not public during the evaluation and so did not factor into the scoring

  • Targeting: Help set innovation strategy and agenda by aligning innovation goals to business strategies and market and technology trends
  • Process Management: How does the platform make it easy to develop tailored innovation process management solutions

These are all areas we are looking to address more fully in the coming months and will provide updates as we do so. Find out more about our most recent Spring 2020 Product Release.

Access the report now to learn how the top 13 innovation management solutions stack up, so you can determine which provider might be best for your approach to innovation.

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Find out more about Forrester. The Forrester Wave helps CIOs and other decision-makers identify the most appropriate innovation management solution for their organization by assessing each solution’s strengths and weaknesses.

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