Shaping the Future through Total Innovation: Wazoku’s Strategic Update 2024

By Simon Hill

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Last week, we welcomed our global team of innovators to our annual strategy retreat. April is the start of our new fiscal year and this year in particular was a pivotal moment at Wazoku! Building on our strategic fundraise in September 2022 and our acquisitions of five transformative companies since 2020, we are proud to unveil Total Innovation. This launch represents a paradigm shift in the industry—an interconnected suite of tools designed to revolutionize how innovation is fostered, powered by AI and crowd intelligence.

Total Innovation: Bridging Silos in Innovation

At Wazoku, we recognize that innovation activity is often too siloed and fragmented, both operationally and structurally. Traditional models have led to disparate, disconnected systems that obscure the innovation process—what we refer to as ‘black box’ innovation. Total Innovation confronts this challenge head-on by integrating tools that bridge data gaps and enhance collaboration. This platform builds upon the knowledge from Horizon 0 to inform future value creation, whether the focus is on Horizon 1, 2, 3, or even Horizon 4.

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Our Strategic Journey

Our transformative journey commenced with the acquisition of InnoCentive in 2020, which not only differentiated our product offerings but also propelled our international expansion. This was followed by the acquisition of Channge in Colombia in 2021, which expanded our footprint across Latin America and enriched our team. In 2022, we welcomed Mindpool, enhancing our strategic insights capabilities. The acquisition of Idea Drop in 2023 marked a significant industry consolidation, and most recently, PosterLab has been crucial in adding capabilities for supplier and ecosystem management, connecting start-ups, research entities, and business partners directly to the strategic and operational core.

Looking Ahead: Our Vision for 2024 and Beyond

With the foundation of Total Innovation, our vision for 2024 is ambitious and transformative:

1. Wazoku Scout: Introducing an on-demand capability for corporate scouts to globally discover start-ups aligned with specific innovation needs.

2. Wazoku Portal: A new feature that integrates PosterLab into the connected Total Innovation suite, offering a comprehensive platform to track your innovation ecosystem.

3. Innovation Portfolio Mapping: Tools and insights to assist organizations in building a strategically balanced innovation portfolio.

4. Strategic Foresight Capability: Empowering organizations to better anticipate future trends and challenges, facilitating informed strategic decision-making across all levels.

5. Wazoku Academy: Providing the necessary skills and training to support Total Innovation, enabling individuals and organizations to fully leverage our tools and methodologies to deliver repeatable innovation at scale.

Innovation should not be confined to isolated endeavors but should be a connected, collective pursuit. Join us in embracing Total Innovation, and let’s transform the future together.

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By Simon Hill

As CEO and Founder of Wazoku, Simon has been the driving force behind the business since the very beginning. When the gaps in his busy schedule appear, Simon loves to cycle, even completing London to Devon and London and Bristol bike rides in the last few years!