Security Series: The Data

By Chris Bailey

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This three-part blog ‘Security Series’ sees Wazoku’s Director of IT Chris Bailey discuss our commitment to security. In this second post, he focuses on the data that has been accumulated this far, to paint a clearer picture of how Wazoku has turned the security of its platform into a superpower.

In the previous blog in this series, I provided some background to the security success of Wazoku. A significant part of this success comes from our Bug Bounty program. This is a security program that we can run through our own platform – something that is unique among innovation businesses – which invites people to find issues with the security of our platform.

If these respondents find something that we both weren’t previously aware of and we judge this to be a significant concern to our security, we pay a cash prize to them. We’ve been running the program for approximately 18 months, and below are the key security data to come out of the program in that time.

As a result of the abundance of people around the world that enjoy participating in programs like this, we’ve done little to no promotion of it since starting it up. The results above show how effective the Bug Bounty has proven to be, even without this marketing, meaning your only investment needs to come when something notable and useful is found.

In this blog, I’ve discussed the Bug Bounty program that we’ve been running at Wazoku over the last 18 months. As we can run this through our platform, we have complete ownership of the data involved, the key metrics of which I’ve detailed above.

This allows us to prove the impact of the program which, very much like an innovation program, is vital for securing executive buy-in. For the next blog in this series, I’ll be looking at what happens next and where Wazoku’s security effort will focus in the future.

By Chris Bailey

Chris is Wazoku's IT Director, responsible for keeping servers running and performing at their best. When not with his head in a terminal window, Chris can be found playing board games, going on countryside walks, and keeping an eye out for local plants to transfer into his terrariums.